Nikon AF-S 35mm 1.8G lens hands on review

I am a new camera-enthusiast. Few months back I bought a dslr, Nikon D-5300. I also own a telephoto lens 70-300 mm VR Nikon lens which I found pretty amazing in both, its sharpness and its affordability. It is fantastic for outdoor portraits and other zoom-shots. But the problem was its limited usability inside close space or any other wide-angle-necessity condition. I remember the instance when I went to photo shoot one of my friend’s birthday and ended up staying hopeless due to low light inside the room and small room size. My zoom lens became completely useless. My kit lens was with me all the time but its image quality is visibility poor. Very poor performance in low light, bokeh effect is almost impossible. I wanted a new lens.

After a lot of reasearch I decided to get a Nikon 35mm 1.8G prime lens. The main reasons behind choosing this lens are:

  1. 35 mm is an all-rounder lens. I found it neither an wide-angle nor a telephoto lens. Images taken are almost as same as our eyes see a scene.
  2. Sharpness. At this price range, such sharpness is really awesome.
  3. Low light and bookeh performance is just another awesome factor. At f/1.8, low light photography is never an issue.
  4. Affordability.

There are two things I disliked about the lens though. First the auto focus is not as fast as claimed by Nikon. Secondly some amount of chromatic aberration(red fringes) are almost always present with any white lines or marks.

But at this price range I am pretty much happy with what I bought. See the sample and judge yourselves.



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